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Allysen Hardcastle Bio

Allysen Hardcastle's zest for radio started with phone calls to her favorite oldies station, as a child, requesting song after song.  She started helping out after school with small tasks when she was 16.  Soon she was able to start a show of her own, highlighting the goings on for teens and having guests for q & a shows about school, jobs for teens, sports games for the high school, and fun in the summer.  She moved on to other formats and has a wide range of voice character. She is a young and fresh new talent to this type of market. Hear her demos on the demo page! 

Now married to her fabulous husband Allysen is ready to be the voice of your stations!

Here is a list of stations that Allysen Hardcastle has worked for in the past:

104.7 Kool FM KOOU Oldies Midwest

101.9 Kiss FM KIYS CHR Midwest

98.3  The River FM Nostalgic Midwest

94.3 KSMZ Sam FM A/C Midwest

106.5 Horseshow Bend FM Classic Hits Midwest

Allysen's carreer is in full swing and she is still adding to it. Pro Voice Imaging and Productions is proud to have her aboard and we welcome clients to search elsewhere and compare the prices when it comes to hiring a female voice. Allysen can deliver the Monster Truck sound to the Classical Sunday night. No matter the task..she will be here for all your production needs. Please feel free to email Allysen with any questions you might have.


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