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Pro Voice Imaging and Productions Q & A


Q. Why are you guys so cheap?

A. Well, thats easy...our voice talent has been in the Biz for a very long time and they believe that there is no reason to pay so much money for professional work. Remember the talent for his work, not what he overcharged for.


Q. How do you afford to keep your prices so low?

A. We shortcut where we need to. We own our studio and equipment. Example of some shortcuts..this website, our email. We feel to shortcut on things we can, but never our work nor our studios.


Q. Does your work reflect your prices?

A. NEVER! The voice talent of Pro Voice Imaging and Productions are longtime professionals in the biz and they want to give something back for the tough times we live in. Visit our demo page and see for yourself, or take advantage of our two free sweeper deal! Nothing to lose and all to gain! Email us your scripts today!


Q. When I recieve my finished work, do I own the finished product?

A. Yes, however we keep copies of all our work.


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