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Dillon Summers Bio

Dillon Summers comes to us from the midwest, with a very long history in broadcasting. Dillon started in radio at the young age of thirteen. He would go to school like the rest of the kids his age and do all the normal things that kids would do. There was only one thing different, he did a radio show in the evening at his hometown radio station. Thats where it all started for him. The rest is all sixteen he was already recieving fulltime Disk Jockey work and still going to High School. Today he is married to his wonderful wife Tiffany and they reside still in the midwest where he produces voiceovers and productions. Below is a complete list of Dillon's radio background:


z-103 kkuz FM CHR Midwest

91 KOBC FM Contemporary Christain Midwest

KKLL FM  Southern Gospel Midwest

Lite Mix Fm A/C Midwest

KXMS FM Missouri Southern University Classical Midwest

92.5 KSYN CHR Midwest

102.5 KIXQ Contemporary Country Midwest

97.9 FM KXDG Classic Rock Midwest

93.9 KJMK Magic A/C Delilah Midwest Syndicated

US97 KXUS FM Classic Rock Midwest


Dillon's radio carreer is long and is still adding to it. He has been producing radio advertisements and PSA's his entire carreer as well as working in every format imaginable. No matter your format or style, he can produce what you need to make your station stand out above all the rest. Dillon can produce all out Monster Truck sound, to Classical Sunday Nights. He will give you what you want all at an affordable price that any budget can afford! Why wait? You have nothing to lose, and all to gain! Please feel free to email Dillon with any questions you might have!



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