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Get 2 Free Sweeps Now!

Pro Voice Imaging and Productions offers two free Sweeps or Stingers to all new clients. Its easy and never any questions asked. There is never an obligation to purchase anything. Only you decide if you would like to purchase any packages. Pro Voice Imaging does offer a very affordable package deals for any type of budget for todays troubling economy. So, if you choose to use Pro Voice Imaging and Productions, please know we will be here for you with no hassels and on time work...100% Professional 100% On Time.....


To get your 2 free sweeps all you have to do is email Pro Voice Imaging and Productions and tell us who you are and where you are located. In the email tell us about your station and what you think your station is, like how you want it to be. Only you know how you want your work to sound. This helps us to get your feel. Tell us your format and if you are broadcasting online, where we can listen in to see how it is now. The best understanding is us understanding you.

Also in the email you need to include two scripts. Scripts saying what you want us to say. The scripts can be up to 15 seconds long. Please state as well as the voice talent you would like to use. You can choose between Dillon Summers or Allysen Hardcastle. Pro Voice Imaging and Productions does not allow two free sweeps from each voice talent, however you can recieve one from each. Sweeps come in MP3 format at 128k (highr or lower if needed) fully produced. Dry raw work is not available in the free sweep offer. Offer is valid for one time only per station. Please allow 48 hrs for turnaround. To recieve this two free sweeps offer all you have to do is email Pro Voice Imaging and Productions below:


                                                                               To Recieve Our Two Sweep Offer Please Email