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Pro Voice Imaging and Productions Rates


Pro Voice Imaging and Productions offers low affordable package rates for anyone who is on a budget. No matter the job, we can make it work for you. Why pay so much to get what you want? We believe to have our clients remember us by what we did for them, rather our clients only remember us when they recieve their bank account statement. We are dedicated to giving you the respect you deserve, and by never giving you the "we are bigger than God" attitude. So, don't despair, we never lose focus and our goal...we are here to serve you. Please find below our rates:


6 Sweepers                                                       12 Sweepers

10-15 seconds long Produced                             10-15 Seconds Long Produced

$55.00 US Dollars                                              $75.00 US Dollars



30 Second Produced Spot/PSA

$20.00 US Dollars


60 Second Produced Spot/PSA

$30.00 US Dollars


30 Second Dry Spot/PSA

$10.00 US Dollars


60 Second Dry Spot/PSA

$15.00 US Dollars


Pro Voice Imaging and Productions accepts PayPal (PayPal fees are not included in package price) as well as Check or Money Orders. When paying by Check or Money Order we do not start work until payment has cleared. Once payment has cleared you will be notified by email and work will begin then. Although our price listing above is concrete, there are times when we may be asked something that is not covered on our site. Don't despair, just email us and we can see what we can work out. Pro Voice Imaging and Productions wants to serve all of your production needs, so if its not listed, let us know and we will still give you an affordable price that just can't be beat. To place an order all you have to do is email us and we take care of the rest. No automated forms and talking to someone different everytime. You talk to your producer, Dillon Summers or Allysen Hardcastle. You talk to them directly. That SIMPLE! That EASY!


                                                                            To Place An Order Please Email